(Self) Published at last...

Nine years ago I started writing the first draft for CHOPSTYX. At that time all I had was the idea that I wanted to write a "thank you" book to my family and friends who had seen me through a very rough patch, both emotionally and financially, after my divorce from my first husband. In January 2003, I was feeling very grateful for the way my life had turned out (happy second marriage and second child on the way). I didn't want to write an autobiography of those two years living alone - with almost half of all marriages in CA ending in divorce, it wasn't new ground.  

I think I was watching a lot of music videos about this time - I was pregnant with my second child and suffering from sciatica. The best relief was sitting on the couch with my feet up and checking out the latest MTV offerings. Watching all those leather-clad, bare-chested guitarists ripping out solos and singers belting out tunes in front of thousands of shrieking fans made me think, "Well, that's something I can't say I've ever done." I chalked it up in my "Not Going to Do that in this Lifetime" column, next to being a Bond Woman. But the writer, buried under baby weight and boredom, said, "Why not be a rock and roll star, at least on paper?" Hence, CHOPSTYX was born. 

I finished the first draft in December 2003, and my daughter Natalie was born two weeks later. Then came the mind-numbing years of diapers/breastfeeding/coping with a jealous toddler, and I didn't get back to the book until about 2006. Cleaned up the first draft, cleaned it up again, and kept polishing while I looked for an agent. Was invited to Squaw Valley, where my group gave me great feedback and encouragement. Kept looking for an agent. The publishing world was turned on its head by the introduction of ebooks, and then I started getting a tad frustrated. Took a yearlong break from the search as I was becoming a tad demented with frustration. Finally, my brilliant computer guy husband suggested I go the self-publish route. Saw a psychic who said the same thing (long story), so here it is - CHOPSTYX. Nine long years in the making.