a short story about my short story

I finally wrote my short story, "Time Will Reveal," which is a prequel to CHOPSTYX. The idea for the story had been floating around in my head for a while - writers are supposed to know the backstory for characters but not necessarily write it down. This story was a perfect chance to break that rule :)

I have my husband, Benoit, to thank for the story finally making an appearance. He's a software engineer and loves technology - time at Facebook and Yahoo has convinced him that social media and the Internet are the best modes of advertisement and marketing for new authors. He'd been encouraging me to write a short story and post it for free, just to get my writing out there. "Yeah, right," I said, while scheduling the next month's bill cycle and coordinating music/sports/language classes for the girls. "Just as soon as I have time."

So, bless his heart, Benoit put me up in a local motel for a weekend and said, "Write well." He's definitely nominatable (word?) for "Best Supportive Husband." I put that time to good use: one night of mah jong with pals, and the next day was devoted to writing "Time Will Reveal." The first draft was done before checkout the next day. Got it finished a few weeks later.

The best gift a writer can receive is a quiet place and time to write. Thanks to everyone who has made that possible for me.