Three Sisters - three character sketches

I'm working on my second book now - there are three sisters whose half-sister accidentally kills her husband with a glancing blow to the head of her frying pan. Doris, Lily and Gina are definitely living in my head, and I have to get them down on paper. Their half-sister, Betty, is also banging around up there (with her frying pan), but the sisters are the women who have to come out first. 

Writing short stories is an art form that still eludes me. Years ago, I called myself a novelist because I could not write a story shorter than 8,800 words. it was impossible for me to do. Then I joined a writing group with two poets, and I discovered the power of brevity. With poets, every word counts. No long descriptions, no unnecessary flowery phrases - an entire piece consisting of as little as 27 words. It's been eye-opening. TIME WILL REVEAL is the first short story I've written that is less than 5,000 words. I've started writing about Gina, who swings a tennis racket rather than a frying pan, and I'm hoping I'll have something to post in a few weeks. Wish me few words.