Tennis elbow sucks

My grand plans to work on the three character sketches took a back seat when I woke up one morning with shooting pains down my right forearm. Could barely pull my shirt over my head, found it painful to brush my teeth, and forget picking up my morning mug of tea. Putting the car into reverse was excruciating - I thought about driving to the hospital backwards. Doctor told me it was tennis elbow - why is a pretty common ailment named after a sport that only a small percentage of the population plays? In my case, I got it from pulling weeds - much less country club in origin than its popular name.

I bought myself the elbow strap, started applying ice and ate ibuprofen with the same zeal that I attack a bag of M&Ms. The pain has diminished, but it's still there. This development has put a crimp in my writing schedule, as the cooking/cleaning/chauffeuring (ouch...) still had to be done but much more slowly. Will slowly get back to the writing.